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A Boulle Boîte à Bijoux Signed

Item # 4993 Dimensions: H: 3" L: 12.25" D: 8.75"

Category: Accessories
A spectacular and high quality Boulle Boîte à Bijoux signed "Tahan - Fournisseur du Roi" (Royal cabinetmaker to the King and Emperor). On a quarter round brass border base the blue color tortoise shell box with magnificent brass inlay on the lid and sides of wonderful scrolls, foliate and acanthus leaves all within a brass border. On the lid an elegant central reserve with the engraved initials " M T ". The jewelry box has a brass key that locks and opens to a large interior compartment.

TAHAN, Jean Pierre Alexandre,(1813 -1892) Born in Paris. Probably the most famous cabinetmaker of the Emperor Napoleon III. . It was under his leadership that the house of his father, Pierre-lambert, took off and became one of the most famous of Paris located at 32 Rue de la Paix. Maison Tahan was marked as "Supplier of the King and Princes." In 1855 they received the title of "Supplier of the Emperor". The Court of Napoleon III, offered him a large amount of orders for libraries, tables, pedestals etc. Maison Tahan’s specialties were boxes, accessories and small furniture of the day. Tahan participated in major Universal Exhibitions of his time, and won a silver medal in 1849, one in London in 1852, and the gold medal in 1867 and an honorary medal awarded in 1865 by the Central Union of Fine Arts. Particularly important is its creativity, talent, and the constant search for new materials and new techniques, which enabled the profession to appraise a little more. One of the greats of that time.
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