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A Pair Of Italian 19th Century Neo-Classical White Carrara Marble And Porphyr Consoles

Item # 6363 Dimensions: H: 36" L: 39.5" D: 20"

Category: Consoles
A magnificent pair of Italian 19th century Neo-Classical white Carrara marble and porphyr consoles from Rome. Each superb freestanding console is raised on white Carrara marble plinths below the tapered supports inset with red porphyr façades. At the straight frieze is a central rectangular porphyr inlay flanked by square ones at each side, decorated with finely chased ormolu mounts of Roman soldiers.
All below the solid white Carrara marble moulded edge top.

In the year 18 AD, the Roman Legionaire Caius Cominius discovered a beautiful purple stone in the eastern desert of Egypt. Deep purple color with flecks of larger white crystals, perfect for carving. PORPHYR comes from the Latin word for purple, which was the color of nobility to the Romans. Porphyry is considered the most prestigious Imperial Stone of the Roman Empire. Porphyry was Imperial Rome’s stone for columns, vases, alters, busts and other objects. Considered to be extremely rare.
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