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A French 18th Century Old Master Oil On Canvas By Charles-Louis Clérriseau

Item # 5938 Dimensions: H: 51" L: 69" D: 3.5"

Category: Objets D'art
A stunning and very large scale French 18th century Old Master oil on canvas by Charles-Louis Clérriseau. Framed in an Italian 18th century faux painted marble and mecca frame, displaying different colored faux painted marble bands with mecca fillets. The painting depicts Roman ruins with the Coliseum in the background and detailed columns and personages. Wonderfully executed with outstanding warm captivating colors throughout. All original paint and mecca throughout.

Charles-Louis Clérisseau (Paris, 1721-1820) - A Master Painter and architect grew to be recognized among the premier designers of the 18th century winning him a prize in Rome 1751. Best known for his drawings of architectural renderings, Roman ruins and principal Italian towns. In 1785, in France, Thomas Jefferson requested drawings inspired of antiquity for Virginia State Capitol while later in his career, his architectural plans were again seen by Thomas Jefferson which inspired the White House and notably its South façade built in 1824. He spent the last years of his life in Paris where he was received as a knight in the Legion of Honor.
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