Cedric Dupont Antiques

An Italian 19th Century Mahogany And Inlaid Display Vitrine

Item # 8278A Dimensions: H: 131" L: 110" D: 18"

Category: Cabinets
A most impressive and monumental Italian 19th century mahogany display vitrine. The striking and very architectural vitrine is raised by
a moulded bottom support with rich and detailed ivory and maple wood inlays of charming foliate and rinceaux shaped patterns, centered by lions and an urn. At the base are four doors each retaining all their original glass panes, with an impressive bevel that mimics the shape of the door. At the corner of each door are circular and geometric pattern inlaid reserves and each door is flanked by additional rich impressive inlays. The central doors above and below display the original outstanding mechanism where upon closing one door, the other locks in place. Each of the numerous shelves are adjustable by way of the original and striking ormolu hardware, all displaying a stamp. The striking top crown is flanked by two supports with rich inlays and cornucopias. Each ivory inlay is most intricately detailed with stunning depth and shading.
All original rich warm patina throughout.
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