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Italian 19th Century Five Piece Bronze Fountain Grouping, Signed V. Cinque

Item # 8032 Dimensions: H: 48" L: 23" D: 19"

Category: Objets D'art
A magnificent Italian 19th century five piece bronze fountain grouping, signed V. Cinque. A spectacular patinated bronze of Poseidon with his trident centers the grouping. He is raised on a circular base decorated with mythological creatures supporting a large shell that he stands upon. The grouping is completed with four superb patinated bronze horses. The horses seemingly rising from the ocean, neighing, with their two front hooves raised and a mermaid like bottom half. All original rich patina throughout. Bronze horses dimensions H: 26.25" L: 36" D: 15"
Please note that this item does not include the surround or other outdoor elements.

Vincenzo Cinque (1852-1929) Born in Naples, Italy. Cinque was a renowned Italian sculptor specializing in bronze.
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