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French 19th Century White Carrara Marble And Ormolu Quarter Strike Clock With Sundial, Signed Robert Et Courvoisier

Item # 8372 Dimensions: H: 21" L: 11.75" D: 7.75"

Category: Accessories
A very high quality and unique French early 19th century white Carrara marble and ormolu quarter strike clock with sundial. signed Robert et Courvoisier. The clock is raised on an ebonized fruitwood support with ball feet. The rectangular white Carrara marble base above is decorated with finely chased ormolu mounts of cherubs and mythological scenes, topped with wonderfully chased lions perched at each corner. The white Carrara marble sundial is raised on an ebonized fruitwood panel, framed with a chased ormolu border. Above is the large enamel clock within a twisted rope ormolu designed border. The impressive top crown has a white Carrara marble base and semiprecious stone globe clutched by an open winged ormolu eagle. With a very intricate movement, including a crown wheel escapement and machinery striking on the back panel. A remarkable double chime at every quarter with three chimes at the 3rd quarter.

Louis Courvoisier (1758–1832) A Swiss clock maker specializing in carriage clocks. Robert Et Courvoisier was a company he created with his two sons.
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