Cedric Dupont Antiques

19th Century Chinese Late Qing Dynasty Porcelain Urns

Item # 7756 Dimensions: H: 25.5" L: " D: 15"

Category: Accessories
An exquisite pair of mid 19th Century Chinese late Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain urns . Each baluster shaped urns is highly decorated with under glaze blue Qilin and foliate all below an elegantly shaped neck with blue stripes. The removable lids are also decorated with foliage and topped with a Foo dog finial.

The Qilin (or Kirin) is a mythical hoofed chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures. It is a good omen thought to occasion prosperity or serenity. It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body.
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