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A German 18th Century Neo-classical Themed Oil On Canvas By Johann Dominicus Fiorillo

Item # 8972 Dimensions: H: 63.5" L: 51.5" D: 3.25"

Category: Objets D'art
A superb quality 18th century Neo-classical themed oil on canvas by Johann Dominicus Fiorillo. The painting depicts a courtship in the town square with townspeople looking on. The maiden is draped in modest classical dress and the young man in a vibrant red garment, holds her hand. Wonderful execution and detail throughout.

Johann Dominicus Fiorillo (Hamburg 1748 – 1821) was a German painter and historian of art. Fiorillo, a son of Italian composer Ignazio Fiorillo. He studied art and in 1761 went first to Rome then to Bologna, where he distinguished himself and in 1769 attended the academy. After which he returns to Germany and receives the appointment of historical painter to the court of Brunswick. In 1781 he moves to Göttingen and in 1784 was named keeper of the collection of prints at the university library. Fiorillo practiced his art almost until his death. The most remarkable of his painting is the 'Surrender of Briseis'.
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