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An Italian 19th Century Patinated Bronze Of A Young Woman Signed By Silvio Sbricoli

Item # 9283A Dimensions: H: 19.75" L: 13" D: 10"

Category: Objets D'art
An elegant 19th century Italian patinated bronze of a young woman signed by Silvio Sbricoli. The bust is raised by a circular mottled marble Pink Lez Breccia socle. Above lays the young lady gazing towards the left with a wonderful facial expression and having grape vines with leaves in her hair. All original and warm patina.

This bust is displayed on a Rosse De Sienne marble column #9282

Silvio Sbricoli Born in Rome in 1864 and died in 1911 As a young man he worked for many years in the studio of the French sculptor Prosper d'Épinay. He was active inside and near Rome, he produced numerous statues, monuments, and portraits in a Realist style. He completed the monument to Giuseppe Verdi (circa 1904) in Viterbo. He also completed the statue of Papiniano (1899) for the Palace of Justice, Rome.[1] At the 1884 Exposition of Fine Arts in Turin, he exhibited two portrait busts in bronze stucco; and at the National Artistic Exposition in Venice of 1887
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