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An Italian 19th Century Louis XVI St. Statue Of Three Cherubs On Its Original Pedestal, Signed Vichi.

Item # 9440 Dimensions: H: 65.25" L: 25.75" D: 14"

Category: Objets D'art
An extremely high quality and most charming Italian 19th century Louis XVI st. statue of three cherubs on its original pedestal, signed Vichi. The statue is raised by its original Vert de Patricia marble pedestal with an octagonal base below a circular mottled design and carved pattern. The rectangular top displays cut corners also repeated at the statue's base. The masterfully sculpted white Carrara grouping depicts three wonderfully detailed cherubs playing with musical instruments. The jovial cherubs are seemingly riding a wave and each is draped in a fine floral garland. The central one is playing the lyre while the left and right ones are dancing while playing a flute and cymbals. Wonderful proportions and attention to detail throughout.

Ferdinando Vichi, (Florence, 1875-1941) was a renowned Italian sculptor. Vichi created numerous works of art and was a central figure in the production of Florentine sculptures at the end of the 19th century. He is associated with sculptors C. Lapini, Pietro Bazzanti and G. Pugli, all of whom had works of art at the Galleria Bazzanti, and is still open today. Vichi created a variety of subject matter, ranging from busts to Renaissance inspired models. Like other sculptors of the day he often took inspiration from classical antiquity.
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