Cedric Dupont Antiques

A True Pair Of Italian 18th Century Venetian Blackamoors

Item # 8307 Dimensions: H: 89.25" L: 22.5" D: 20"

Category: Objets D'art
A beautiful and wonderfully executed true pair of Italian 18th century Venetian Blackamoors. Each Blackamoor is raised on an octagonal ebonized base with a fine tapered design, handsome paw feet, most decorative giltwood swaging floral garlands and lion heads on a faux painted Porphyry background. Each striking Blackamoor stands on an earth like base and holds up a giltwood torch supporting a candle. Both are dressed in classical sarong attire with fine giltwood tasseled edges and most decorative hand painted blue, red and green polychrome colors with fabulous etched designs. They are adorned with decorative headdresses with different mounts above richly carved and detailed faces, with captivating facial expressions.
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