Cedric Dupont Antiques

A Pair Of French Louis XVI St. 19th Century Statue Depicting Mars And Minerva

Item # 9623 Dimensions: H: 18.75" L: 5.25" D: 5.25"

Category: Accessories
A handsome pair of French Louis XVI st. 19th century statue depicting Mars and Minerva. Each statue is raised by a White Carrara circular pedestal above ormolu topie shaped supports. The pedestal is decorated by foliate and twisted bands under a lattice designed central crest and tied bows flanked by acanthus leaves. The Mars standing proudly next to a fluted column is holding his shield while wearing his helmet. Minerva standing with her shield and spear. All original gilt.

Mars (Latin: Mārs, [maːrs]) was the god of war and also an agricultural guardian, a combination characteristic of early Rome. He was second in importance only to Jupiter and he was the most prominent of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army.

Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, although it is noted that the Romans did not stress her relation to battle and warfare as the Greeks would come to, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.
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