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A French 19th Century Louis XVI St. Statue Of Les Bacchanets Signed Lafontaine And Schœnewerk

Item # 9531 Dimensions: H: 26.25" L: 12" D: 11.75"

Category: Objets D'art
A striking and high quality French 19th century Louis XVI st. ormolu and marble statue of Les Bacchanets signed Lafontaine and Schœnewerk. The statue is raised by its original circular fluted and mottled marble base. The statue displays figures dancing joyfully on a terrain like design with a basket full of grapes and leaves. At the center is a beautiful and richly chased maiden draped in classical attire holding a tambourine above her head, while another maiden has her arms around her, with a coupe in her hand. At their feet are two most charming and wonderfully detailed cherubs, one holding a staff and the other, likely baby Bacchus, is playing the cymbals with grape clusters in his hair.

Pierre-Maximilien Delafontaine: (Pairs 1774 - 1 December 1860) was an acclaimed sculptor and portrait painter. His work was display in the Louvre and at the Palais de Versailles

Pierre Alexandre Schœnewerk: (Paris 18 February 1820 - 23 July 1885) A French Sculptor who received multiple of the highest awards in Paris and who's work is displayed in multiple museums and important buildings throughout Europe including The Louvre and La Sorbonne.
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