September Spotlight

Featuring the Designs of Taylor & Taylor

Honored with numerous accolades, including the
ASID FSC Design Excellence Award.
Now they have put their brilliant designs in
hard print with the launch of their magnificent book.

"Classic Florida Style" - The Houses of Taylor & Taylor

Not only committed to each other by being married for over 30 years, but also committed to offering the pinnacle of meticulous architectural excellence and interior design to fulfill and bring to fruition the desires and dreams of their clients, for over 25 years.
Phyllis and William Taylor are an inspirational couple combining backgrounds in architecture and interior design through their firm of Taylor & Taylor in Miami Beach, Fl.

Lush full color images reveal how William Taylor creates strong connections between nature and architecture, and the beautiful way Phyllis Taylor creates interiors, that anyone would be more than thrilled to occupy.
From The Preface:
Taylor & Taylor, was born of a personal and professional union that has now lasted well over thirty years.

"We believe that Florida’s design has too often gotten a bad rap—for being too trendy, too kitschy, too ephemeral. We like to think that our work puts those notions to rest. We are both avid readers and explorers of architectural and design history, and we delve deep into history to find forms that help our projects express a sense of the past and a sense of place but that provide a connection to the present as well.

Together, we have developed a style that is at once refined and exuberant—let us not forget that we are in Florida! Our work uses Florida as an ingredient, celebrating all that is special about it, from the climate and the very bright sunlight to the flora and fauna.”

CDA: How did you and your husband meet and how do you continue to successfully work together as a married couple ?

PT: “We met in Design School, and soon became inseparable”. Each staying honest and true to our individual vision and genuinely having respect for the others opinion, may sometimes be challenging, but it helps us to achieve success, and ultimately benefits the clients.

CDA: Being from New York City, how does working and living in South Florida compare.

PT: “The difference is the light and the tempo”. First off the light plays a big part here in Florida, it affects colors and how we see different textures; dark rich woods and veneers and design elements. Secondly the speed at which things are taken in and perceived; In NYC you walk around and take things in at a much slower speed than in Florida where we never walk, but take a drive and pass visuals at a much faster rate.
CDA: Having been in the design arena for over 20 years, how would you say it has evolved?

PT: Today clients are very exposed to “Design noise”, where they are taking in so much information and it can be difficult to edit all that they see. Whether it be when they search online, or on television design shows. Often this will overwhelm them, and that is when they seek out professionals, to help wade through it all and focus on what is important to them and would best suit their needs.

CDA: With the ease of the Internet and how the whole world has opened up to consumers, how do you think it has affected the design industry?

PT: “It’s become an instantaneous world” Allowing for designers and the public to shop at home and find exactly what they are looking for with a click of a few keywords. Designers don’t have to go to the design district or hire numerous assistants to do all the leg work of locating specific items. Just go online and search, and you have it all in a matter of seconds.
The only negative is understanding the proper scale and proportions, which for private clients can sometimes be very expensive mistakes. Often seeing something visually does not always represent the item as a client may think.

CDA: What has been your favorite install?.

PT: “That is like asking which is your favorite child”
Whatever I am working on at the moment is my favorite.

When a client needs us we are there to make sure they
have exactly what they desire, it is very important
to both William and myself.
CDA: What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

PT: You need to learn to draw, to use your eyes, travel and get experience creating a memory that can be conveyed in your work. When you’re at a presentation you can say something verbally and back it up with a sketch, it is the best way to communicate your ideas to a client and for them in turn to really visualize that vision.
CDA: How did you discover Cedric DuPont Antiques, and would you comment on a piece that you have chosen from the collection to use for a project, or this book?

PT: “Nowadays people have to really fall in love with a piece, it has to be love at first sight, and Cedric is the real deal. Cedric personally chooses each item, and he has the eye to know the difference between something that is just correct and something that is classic with interesting and appealing qualities that someone would be stimulated enough by it, to want it in their home and see it day after day”.
( Dining chairs from Cedric DuPont Antiques )
( Armoire from Cedric Du Pont Antiques )
CDA: Are any of the items you chose from Cedric DuPont Antiques featured in your book?

PT: “Yes, a walnut farm table, breakfront, and painted chairs. The items that Cedric handpicks for his collection are stately but approachable, intrinsic but not pretentious.”
Luxurious private residences convey the irresistible lure of the Florida lifestyle


The houses of Taylor & Taylor

William and Phyllis Taylor, written with Beth Dunlop

Classic Florida Style showcases the work of Taylor & Taylor, a firm that has consistently defined what it means to live in the paradise of southern Florida. Based in Miami Beach, William and Phyllis Taylor fluidly translate the region's legacy of rich architectural diversity - from Italianate palazzos to Art Deco hotels and Key West bungalows- to create private residences that transcend genre and embrace the special pleasures of Florida's abundance.

This essential volume for fans of the Florida lifestyle celebrates all that is special about the state through a presentation of ten luxurious houses that blend tropical ease and refined sophistication. Generous porches, elegant terraces, and water views combine to create a glamorous but relaxed atmosphere. Natural materials and textiles, including keystone, abaca leaf, and grass cloth, bring lush surroundings indoors, while color schemes and ornamentation based on citrus hues and indigenous vegetation give these housed a sense of lighthearted exuberance that benefits the locale.

About the Authors: William and Phyllis Taylor established the Taylor & Taylor Partnership in Miami in 1983. This is the first monograph on their work.

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