Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

By clicking on the box below, and in consideration of the credit extended to Purchaser by Exclusive European Antiques, Inc.  d/b/a Cedric Dupont Antiques (“CDA” Cedric Dupont Antiques), the undersigned (“Purchaser”) agrees that credit for the purchase of the antique(s) shall be extended on the terms and conditions set forth herein. Purchaser shall pay all sums due for the antique(s) sold by CDA (Cedric Dupont Antiques) in accordance with the terms set forth in the purchase invoice and the Terms and Conditions of this website.. The unpaid balance shall accrue interest at eighteen (18%) percent per annum from the date of the purchase until paid in full. Accrued interest shall be waived by CDA provided that the Purchaser complies with all payment terms.

Title and possession of the antique(s) referenced above shall remain with CDA(Cedric Dupont Antiques) until the balance has been paid in full. All sales are AS-IS and there shall be no right to cancel the purchase transaction. There shall be no refund of any payments made by purchaser under any circumstances. In the event of a default by Purchaser, the purchase transaction shall be canceled, and all payments made by Purchaser (if any) shall be forfeited. After a default by Purchaser, CDA (Cedric Dupont Antiques) shall issue a credit to the Purchaser in the amount of any payments made, less interest charges (as stated above) which have accrued from the date of purchase up to the date of default.

In the event that the Purchaser fails or refuses to comply with his/her/its obligations under this agreement, CDA (Cedric Dupont Antiques) shall be entitled to recover all costs (including pre-suit costs) associated with the enforcement of this agreement, including reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs (including but not limited to statutory costs) which may be awarded at the trial court or appellate levels as well as bankruptcy proceedings. CDA (Cedric Dupont Antiques) shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs associated with proving both entitlement and amount of attorney’s fees and costs. if suit is necessary, venue shall be only in Palm Beach County.