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Honoré Pons

Honoré Pons (1773-1851 Paris ), Pons known as the best and most influential clock maker of the 19th century. In 1798 he worked as a clockmaker for the prestigious Lepaute. In 1803 he set up as a clockmaker at Rue de la Huchette in Paris, located close to Place St-Michel where many of the distinguished clockmakers such as Berthoud, Bréguet and Lépine were based. In 1807 Pons was commissioned by Napoleon’s Interior Minister. Over the years he received many gold and silver medals. In 1819 Pons received the highest acclamation by the Légion d’Honnerur. A collection of his clocks are on display at Musée de l’Horlogerie de Saint-Nicolas-d’Aliermont, and Musée des Arts et Métiers