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Teodoro Matteini

Teodoro Matteini (Pistoia, 1753 – Venice, 1831) was an Italian painter, mainly of historical subjects in the Neoclassical style. His father, Ippolito Matteini, born 1720, was a decorative painter and was a teacher of design in Pistoia. Under the patronage of Domenico Corvi.
Matteini moved to Rome to work with Anton Raphael Mengs, until he established his own studio. Matteini painted in Rome for San Lorenzo in Lucina, and was active in Bergamo, Milan, and Venice. In 1802 he was elected professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Matteini was
able to restore to the Academy a large collection of stucco and terracotta models collected by Abbot Filippo Farsetti.

Matteini is best known for his many pupils, including Giovanni Andrea Darif of Udine, Bartolomeo Ferracina of Bassano, Giovanni Busato of Vicenza, Murari of Florence, Sebastiano Santi of Murano, Francesco Hayez and Cosroe Dusi of Venice, Giovanni De Min of Belluno, Michele Fanolli of Cittadella, and Lodovico Lipparini of Bologna. Among his masterworks are paintings of Angelica and Medoro.