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Zacharie Joseph Raingo

Zacharie Joseph Raingo (1775- 1839), Son of watchmaker Nicolas Raingo, was a renowned clockmaker and bronzier, and founded Raingo Frères in 1813 Paris, with his three brothers.

Raingo Frères was named the “Horloger-Mécanicien” by the Duke of Orleans and “Horloger -Mécanicien du Garde-Meuble de la Couronne” (Supplier of the King of France) in 1824. King George IV of England was also a collector.

Known for the quality of their ormolu, Raingo Frères had furnished bronzes and garniture for Emperor Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenia, examples of which are now in the collection of The Louvre.

Raingo Frères exhibited at the World’s Fairs in Paris from 1884 to 1889, and won prizes at all of them, including a gold medal in 1889. In 1862 they also exhibited at the Universal Exhibition in London.

Raingo Fréres, established in 1813 in Paris, specialized in the high precision clock making during the Empire and the Restoration period. Raingo is associated with many exquisite models of clocks and many of these designs were patented. They frequently worked in partnership with very prestigious cabinetmakers in particular François Linke.