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Premier Collector Program

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Our Premier Collectors Program Offers our Existing Clientele Exclusive Benefits.

We really appreciate our loyal patrons­­­­­­­­ and as such we offer this unique membership which allows for interaction and additional advantages when visiting our website.

  • Our prices are not visible on our website. Once you are logged in as a Premier member you are able to view pricing for all the items on our website.
  • No need to call!  Place items on hold anytime from the comfort of your own device.


  • Have the ability to organize all your items of interest in various ways using wishlists. Once you are logged in these will always be available for future visits and references.
    • Wishlists – Create and name one or more wishlists; organize per room or category etc. As you navigate our site you can add items to any wishlists you have created or can ‘click to create a new list’, as prompted.
    • Add to My Collection – Allows you to add items to collection; this is the first step to place items on hold.
    • View your Collection – At any time you can review what you have added to your collection, to edit or confirm items there.
    • To place items on hold simply View your Collection and once you confirm all the items you wish to place on hold, click on Submit Collection – this essentially reserves up to three items for you by placing them on hold for three days and also facilitates the invoicing process if you choose to request a pro-forma or final invoice.
    • You may view and confirm your holds on our Current Holds Page, that includes a timer to indicate how much time is left on the hold.
    • Expedite the See it in your Home option.
    • Expedite requests for videos of any item in our collection.
    • Request quick and competitive shipping quotes.
    • Live Chat is available for quick responses to any questions you may have during business hours.



For more information please fill out the form on this page or simply contact us by calling (561) 835-1319

You may also email us at info@cedricdupontantiques.com
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Please fill out the form below to request access to Premier.
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