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This European interpretation of Chinese arts and traditions began in the early 17th century and is closely related to Rococo. Characterized by exuberance, asymmetry, and materials, Chinoiserie showcased the leisure and pleasure thought by Europeans to be the typical Chinese lifestyle.

European Kings, such as Louis XV, adopted this style as it blended well with Rococo. The Château de Chantilly featured entire rooms painted in the Chinoiserie style and the palace of Sanssouci with both a Das Drachenhaus “dragon house” and Das Chinesische Haus “Chinese house”

Europeans began manufacturing Chinese lacquer furniture, which was commonly decorated with Ebony, Ivory, and Chinese motifs. The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Directory, published by Thomas Chippendale helped popularize the style with a guide to Chinoiserie furniture and décor.

  • # 12887 - H: 17" L: 34" D: 22"

List: $11,500.00
  • # 12130 - H: 12" L: 7" D: 5"

List: $5,900.00