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Corresponding with the French “Belle Epoque”, the Edwardian period was marked by the death of Queen Victoria and the end of the Victorian era. Her son, Edward VII, was now the leader of Great Britain and had been known for his popularity among the fashionable elite. The edwardian style was less ornate and set to influence the arts, fashion, and architecture.

This leisurely time in British history saw a more relaxed attitude from the now leading Liberal class, less shame in spending from the wealthy, and was once described by Samuel Hynes as a time when “the sun never set on the British flag”. Edwardian fashion was opulent, formal, and with a focus on dressing for the occasion.

Art Nouveau was a big part of Edwardian-style furniture. The materials and techniques used made it much faster to produce pieces and this aided in the replacement of Victorian models.

  • # 808 - H: 29" L: 51" D: 42"

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