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This architectural and design style of using elements and imagery from ancient Egypt was attributed to Napoleon’s military endeavors in Egypt. Napoleon’s journey and findings in Egypt were published in 1826.

The Parisian elite fell in love with the elements and scale of Egyptian faćades and after Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt entire buildings began to be built to incorporate motifs from ancient Egypt. Artists and craftsmen started to present their own unique interpretations of the Egyptian style by combining motifs of crocodiles, pyramids, mummies, and sphinxes.

Egyptian style architecture and design existed in France prior to Napoleon, but it was not widely popular other than in gardens and exterior monuments. These monuments were intended to be not only decorative but also served a purpose.

  • # 11633 - H: 21" L: 10" D: 10"

List: $12,800.00
  • # 11298 - H: 30" L: 11" D: 10"

List: $54,500.00
  • # 10567 - H: 20" L: 7" D: 7"

List: $32,500.00