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One of the top design styles in modern interiors is Neo-Classical. Developed in the 18th century, artists of this time sought to move away from the abundance of decoration saw in the Rococo style and shift towards a more restrained and moderate style.

As a result of this, excessive ornamentation was left behind with the new focus being on symmetry and minimalism. Architectural elements like columns and cornices were now the star of the show and were paired with linear furniture to showcase the beauty of the architecture.

The Neo-Classical decorating style is modest and chic, with decorative pieces being strategically placed with moldings and cornices being the finishing touch. Tall walls, large expansive windows, and columns are key features of any Neo-Classical design.

  • # 13213 - H: 58" L: 51" D: 4"

List: $235,000.00
  • # 12284 - H: 41" L: 16" D: 2"

List: $15,800.00
  • # 7691 - H: 43" L: 34" D: 2"

List: $18,800.00
  • # 9069 - H: 31" D: 27"

List: $9,900.00