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The Neo-Greek style was a Neoclassical Revival style of the 19th century that was popularized in architecture, decorative arts, and paintings during France’s Second Empire. The style mixed elements of Graeco-Roman, Adams, and Egyptian Revival styles and became popular in Europe as well as the United States.

Neo-Greek interiors were based on combining motifs drawn from Greek vase paintings and repetitive patterns like Greek keys and palmettes. Adams and Louis XVI’s styles showcase many elements of Neo-Classicism and can be identified by the frequent use of figureheads, masks, winged griffins, serpents, and medallions.

Color combinations were usually rich and striking, with black borders and elements being against Pompeian red, powder blue, and olive green.

  • # 11028 - H: 26" L: 8" D: 6"

List: $3,600.00
  • # 9663 - H: 32" L: 7" D: 7"

List: $14,300.00